Club Fantastic: Synthetic Dance 2020

As part of SF EVOLVED, I helped to create Club Fantastic: Synthetic Dance 2020, the first release in a series of free, legally-unencumbered tracks for the dance rhythm game StepMania.

In 2020, competitive dance gamers are playing at home with StepMania. Often, players use tracks taken from commercial games or play with unlicensed music. For personal use, this hasn't been much of a problem. However, with many players streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to YouTube, copyright issues become more complicated.


Attempting to solve these problems and more, we set out to create brand new, commercial-quality tracks with none of the copyright concerns. Our goals:

Team Output

Over a 5 month period, the Club Fantastic team accomplished the following:

With our first release, the team succeeded in creating something meaningful for dance game culture, and we are proud of our work. Season 2 is planned for Spring 2021.

Personal Involvement

My duties involved artist relations, team organization, project management, music production, graphic design and more. Notable contributions include:

The Club Fantastic team deserves many thanks for devoting hundreds of hours to this project in their spare time.